I bought these headphones to listen to audiobooks during my commute. I wanted cheap headphones which I could lose and not be too upset. These headphones work fine, they are comfortable and stay in my ear well, though I haven't tried running with them. They also have a decent tangle-resistant cord which is nice for when i shove them in my pocket.

The sound is alright, neither good nor overly bad, certainly fine for listening to audiobooks and phone calls. They are also fine for listening to music (assuming you aren't a hardcore audiophile - if you are ... why are you considering $25 headphones?) - the bass is a bit heavy and the mids and highs are tinny but they're acceptable. I get a bit of distortion if I turn the volume on my phone all the way up.

The microphone works fine with my Android, its (again) not tremendous, but definitely works for making calls, my voice sounds slightly muffled, but very understandable. The volume control does not work with (my) Android, but the specifications say iPhone only.

Overall for a cheaper headset, these Sony headphones do the job. They work properly at a cheap price so I don't need to worry about losing or breaking them.