Shockoe Atelier

Located in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond Virginia, Shockoe Atelier makes pants in the back half of their storefront. They use selvage denim and canvas and create pants that will last for the long haul. Raw Indigo-dyed Denim gains appeal over time as the indigo moves around based on wear patterns and the weft begins to show through.

Raleigh Denim Company

  • Raw Denim made on antique sewing machines
  • Offers Repairs
  • Always experimenting
  • Small Batch production

Truman Boot Company

  • Boots made by hand in Eugene, Oregon
  • Offers options for construction method and has a variety of construction methods
  • Offers service and care instructions
  • Has some made-to-order offerings

Mission Workshop

  • Pairing technical fabrics from around the world with a modern, urban aesthetic in time-honored formats.
  • Focused on making things that will last, which is somewhat unusual for technical apparel.

Viberg Boots

  • Made in Canada, by a company which has been in the industry for almost 100 years.
  • Made to last and get better with age

Wesco Boots

  • While I don't necessarily love the style of boots shown in their in-stock section, their collaborations and custom boots are really cool and made to last.
  • Company has been in business for over 100 years.

Crescent Down Works

  • Made in Seattle
  • Classic, well made down coats in durable fabrics
  • While their stock is on the classic side, they also have a lot of interesting collaborations that mix the design up.

Schott NYC

  • An original manufacturer of military jackets, along with a long history of making American Leather Jackets
  • Still manufacturers some of their jackets in the US
  • Awesome Collaborations.

Rogue Territory

  • Modern takes on military-inspired styles
  • Most pieces are handmade in LA
  • Pieces constructed from high end, long-lasting fabrics from the US, Japan, and the UK

Todd Shelton

  • Everything is made to order in NJ
  • Focused on reducing waste and making things in a sustainable way
  • Basics which should last a long time
  • Great fit due to the ability to customize all the options.

Dehen 1920

  • Located across from the Pendleton mill in Portland, Oregon, they have a fun set of fabrics but are focused on Wool
  • Create elevated versions of classic sports styles


  • Focused on denim and basics, but has a lot of really cool collaborations, particularly on outerwear
  • Most of their denim is made in San Fransisco
  • Often brings a certain practicality to their apparel - making it very wearable.

Imogene + Willie

  • Makes all clothing in the USA
  • Focused on Americana, with vintage-inspired clothing
  • Releases cool 1 of 1 items regularly.