Welcome! I just launched this new site - which is built on Express and Node.js - which will make it easy for me to publish blogs and reviews of products that I own.

For the blog piece I hope to write mostly about technology related subjects - technologies I'm using and really like or find annoying, processes and habits for developing better applications and succeeding in projects and thoughts about developing relationships with clients and succeeding on projects. I will try to avoid talking about politics, women, religion and things of that nature.

For reviews, I have and use a lot of technology and entertainment products and services - TVs, computer monitors, computer hardware, audio equipment, phones, etc. I also am into outdoor, hiking and dog related stuff. I intend to only review products which I own and use.

Now - for a short opinion on social media, particularly Twitter - I have come to the opinion that Twitter, while it can be used effectively, has become more and more dangerous as an outreach mechanism for companies, professionals and celebrities. While there are many studies about how effective twitter use can drive connection with a wider audience, I want to point out that a single mistake on Twitter can cause tremendous and sometimes irreparable harm - often completely negating any positive effects from the past. Twitter promotes a conversational, casual tone but is also a public, 'official' medium, this odd combination, combined with oversharing, leads to countless examples of bad-twitter usage.

Here are some examples of twitter disasters:

The list goes on and on - these days, people routinely lose their jobs, public standing and influence over comments they've made on social media, businesses lose face and market share and government organizations lose face and public confidence. While twitter can be an effective way for people and organizations to build popular opinion, fans and drive engagement, it comes with tremendous risk. Even experienced Social Media 'experts' (Sacco) make mistakes which can cost them or their company everything. I wonder - is it really worth the risk? At the very least, I think social media needs to be approached with extreme caution.