Hi, I'm Josh Caldwell.

I am a developer living in Northern Virginia and working in Washington D.C..In the past, I've done a lot of work on CMSes like Drupal and Wordpress. I've worked with top news companies like the Associated Press along with many big name non-profits like The Hague Institute for Global Justice, CFR and the Open Societies Foundation. I now work to build ecommerce sites and extend and maintain business and warehouse management software in Ruby on Rails. I also build front end workflows and tools using AngularJS.

I'm very interested in maintaining existing software, building new systems and working with people to solve problems. I try to maintain a wideset of proficencies, in both solution area and technologies. I'm always interested in learning and trying out new languages and frameworks.

I try to write blog posts about software engineering, process and sometimes other things, but rarely succeed.

If for some reason, you really want to know more about me (or stalk me on the internet), head over to the about page.